Course Fees

tl;dr: A lab fee of $105 $90 will be charged for this course. This will provide each student with a Internet of Things development toolkit.

The IDeATe Program is special, because the courses provide relative instruction spanning multiple fields. As a result, IDeATe affiliated Resources, Equipment and Spaces are tailored to support various processes and projects. After completing a Course within the IDeATe@Hunt Facilities, you will become apart of IDeATe@Hunt Community. As an IDeATe@Hunt Member, you will gain access to a Network of Faculty, Facilities, Resources, and like-minded ‘Makers’.

The IDeATe@Hunt Facilities feature several resources dedicated toward creative output. Many of these Resources are expensive, including the service time devoted toward continued operation and maintenance. In addition, some of the Spaces and Equipment involve real hazards, posing Safety concerns for all Users. To resolve these issues, IDeATe@Hunt has implemented (2) primary solutions:

1. Safety, Training & Instruction

Spaces involving hazardous processes, are only accessible by Trained Members of the IDeATe@Hunt Community. Training is fundamentally offered through Introductory (Portal) Courses & Environmental Health and Safety Sponsored Workshops. Additional training, is also offered through various IDeATe@Hunt Courses. During Training, you will receive all the instruction you require, to utilize the spaces and/or equipment in a safe, efficient, and respectful manner.

2. Course Fees

Course Fees are charged to Students participating in any IDeATe@Hunt Courses. These fees are determined by: Resource Access (i.e. Spaces & Equipment), Consumables (i.e. Materials), and any other Course Related Fees (i.e. Field Trips). This one time fee, provides continued Access to IDeATe@Hunt Resources, and should cover any additional Course Related costs. Fees related to Resource Access, are committed to future IDeATe improvements; specifically improving Students’ experience within these spaces. Expansion projects, facility updates, equipment upgrades, and purchases are some of the more common developments these fees are dedicated toward. As an IDeATe@Hunt Member, your input is invaluable- therefore, IDeATe@Hunt Members determine where this funding is directed. Every Member will gain access to a voting system, allowing Members to submit ideas and proposals for future improvements- and vote on which enhancements are integrated.

Participation in this Course, will include a Course Fee in the amount of: $90.00

What the Course Fee Covers:

  1. You will gain access to the following Facility Resources: Physical Computing Lab (A10)

  2. You will gain Access to IDeATe Lending (A29); providing you with immediate availability of various materials, tools, electronics, peripherals, equipment, and mobile computing platforms- related to your specific workflows.
  3. You will receive a Material/Consumable Credit in the amount of $90.00; This amount is dedicated toward the purchase of Materials, Consumables, Hardware, or Tools for Course Related Projects. Your Instructor can provide you with specific details on this amount.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding these fees- please contact P. Zach Ali (IDeATe, Technical Director) via email at